hello darkness, my old friend

*c"mon we gotta call the robinsons! since we"ve got something to celebrate.
-no i think you wanna wait on that.
_they don" t know?
-no, they don"t.
_when did you decide all this?
-about an hour ago.
* wait a minute, you talked the elaine this morning?
-no, she doesn"t know about it.
*you mean she doesn"t know that you"re coming up to berkeley?
-no actually she doesn"t know about us getting married yet.
_when did you two talk this over?
-we haven"t.
_you haven"t?
*ben, this whole idea sounds pretty half-baked.

-oh, it"s not. it"s completely baked. it"s a decision i"ve made.
_what makes you think she wants to marry you?
-oh, she doesn"t. to be perfectly honest, she doesn"t like me.

+good night.

- are we getting married tomorrow?
-day after tomorrow?
+ i don"t know. maybe we are, and maybe we"re not.

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gençken daha iyiymiş:)

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yaşlı hali daha iyi gibi yahu :)